clinical facials / peels

Laser Hair Removal


Skin Needling is a very safe, and effective alternative to injectables. The results are long term and the recovery time is minimal. Micro-needling is a non-invasive, rejuvenation treatment that targets a diverse range of skin concerns. Tiny punctures are created that encourage the skin’s own natural healing response. Your skin will be healthy, youthful, and vibrant!

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 Clinical Facials and Peels use highly active medical grade ingredients to improve the overall health, texture, and tone of your skin. A Clinical Facial/Peel can be designed for every skin type & condition to promote, repair and remodel the skin. Each treatment is customed and will vary each treatment as progress is made. After this treatment your skin will be radiant!

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Laser Hair Removal is a convenient and economical solution for permanently removing unwanted hair. With less discomfort than other methods of hair removal like electrolysis and waxing, Laser Hair Removal is the most popular treatment of choice for becoming hair free! Only 6-8 treatments can result in up to 90% reduction in hair growth.

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Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation treatment that helps to improve the overall complextion and texture of your skin. This treatment creates a mild buffing that removes dead skin cells while unclogging pores. Each session includes a rich Vitamin blend to encourage new cell growth. Your skin will be glowing!


The Skin Spin Roller System is the most effective and most diverse anti-aging skin care tool on the market. It doesn’t just improve the appearance of the skin but it also improves the health and function of the skin creating long term results.

It is completely safe and very easy and quick to use. It only requires 8 minutes of rolling  1-2 x a week to transform the look and health of your skin. Aside from being a great skin rejuvenation, and exfoliation method for the face it is also a great skincare tool for the body.


  • Everyone should check out this amazing business! I highly recommend the Skin Needling with Katelyn. You won’t regret it I guarantee it! Katelyn is the gal to see if you have any questions about your skin, she’s the best! Thanks for the great service!! – Sara S. / Actual Skin Room Client 
    Needling is the only service I get now. My acne scars are almost all gone not to mention my skin looks so healthy. I knew I was a beleiver when my husband even noticed! Thanks ladies!! – Hannah L. / Actual Skin Room Client